Deputy Tom Sheridan writes about the Dodge Challenger pursuit car he drives for the Broward County Sheriff's Office:

"The 'Ghost' is a 2009 Dodge Challenger R/T equipped with a Hemi 5.7 Liter engine producing around 370 horsepower, with some minor modifications to the brakes and engine compartment to enhance performance and fuel economy.  The vehicle is equipped with LED emergency lighting in the tail light housing, rear deck, front grill and fog light areas.  The emergency warning system is a 100-watt siren combined with a sub-woofer called "The Rumbler."  The system vibrates warning tones, amplifying the effect of the siren in alerting drivers, pedestrians, motorcyclists.  Inside, the car is equipped with dual directional radar, an in-car camera system, the Lo-Jack stolen vehicle recovery system, and a laptop computer.  The vehicle is used primarily for aggressive-driving enforcement on local roads and major highways in Broward County.  The Ghost is shown at a lot of local car shows.  It is always a big hit with the general public who field questions about our vehicles and local traffic laws.

"The nickname, 'The Ghost,' came from locals who would comment: 'You know I thought that was a police car. But I had to give it a double take as I thought it said Sheriff on the side!'  Then someone else said, "Yeah, it's like a ghost!  It's there but you don't know it's there till its too late!'  The Ghost graphics allow the vehicle to blend in with traffic, enabling the deputy to observe violations better.  Then you have the added power and emergency equipment to address those violations when they occur.

"I received our department's first Hemi-equipped Dodge Charger in 2006 and loved its performance, so I was excited wihen the Challengers were acquired to compliment the 200 Chargers currently in the fleet.  I liked the Challenger so much that I personally own a 2009 Dodge Challenger SRT8, which I also take to car shows in my spare time."